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Thursday, March 02, 2006

If YOU were my legal services attorney...

Legal Services

Today, let's do a pretend story together.
Come on, just play along with me...

I would like you to consider yourself an attorney for a minute. How much do attorneys charge per hour? $150 - to several hundred dollars per hour?

Just for example, consider yourself a $100 per hour attorney. I come to you and tell you I am married with children, including a teenage driver.

What I'd like to do is work out a flat monthly fee with you to provide attorney legal services for me, my spouse and my children. I’ll outline some of our needs while you add up how much you’ll charge me at your $100 per hour rate.

First, I want to pick up the phone and talk with you about ANY legal matter – business or personal. We might call one time, 5 five times – any number of times with no time limit on how long we talk. Ok, just start adding this up.

Plus, before we ever sign a legal document – we want you to review it – whether it’s a contract to buy a home, lease a car, rent an apartment, whatever it is.

And, we also want you to make a phone call or write a letter on our behalf when we have a legal situation. Even if it’s a dog barking at 3am and the neighbors won’t take care of it.

Or, let’s say a manufacturer won’t stand behind a warranty, we want you to step in and resolve this or just a wide range of separate issues -- no matter how many times a month they may arise.

Oh, yes – I need you to draft my will and review it and update it for me annually.

I would also like having access all across the country. So if we are traveling in another state and need legal advice or legal services, we expect you to refer me to an attorney in that state. Mind you, this is all needs to be handled out of the monthly fee we set up.

And while I’m on a roll, I Don’t want to pay more than $50 a month…actually much less than that. That's the kind of legal services help I'd like.

Can YOU do that?…
So, at $100 per hour, how much are you going to charge me?!

For more on affordable legal services , stay tuned...


Blogger Florida Attorney said...

One way to keep the cost of legal services relatively fixed is through the use of a legal insurance plan. Legal issues that are fairly common like divorce, child support, bankruptcy, immigration and real estate transactions could be handled for reduced pre-determined fee. My organization runs a website that offers legal insurance plans - currently we only cover Florida. Please feel free to contact at

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I look forward to reading more of your postings.

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Blogger Revelarion law said...

As said, You can get a legal service with signing a legal document at flat monthly fee. but Signing a legal document may brought you some problems as it may not be come under your full control a legal document can only be prepared after the satisfaction of both the parties. Answer to the next question is this you must be carefully choose a legal service that can help you in other states, it must be clear in the document.

Melanie Popper

7:52 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

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Blogger Nikks Williams said...

Zwerling Schachter & Zwerling LLP
A prepaid legal services plan is just like your medical or car insurance. You just need to pay a nominal monthly or annual fee and get legal services of the top expert attorneys for all your legal matters.

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